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You have reached the home of 3QD Developments Ltd, the RISC OS brand specialists

If you want to run RISC OS you need a VirtualAcorn. The range of VirtualAcorn products allow RISC OS and RISC OS applications (both 26 bit and 32 bit) to be run on Windows or Mac OS X

iSV Products produce an award winning range of RISC OS games and applications including DrawWorks and SerialNET. Now iSV Products is being re-launched as part of the APDL archive project with an updated website and FREE RISC OS applications.

3QD Developments Ltd purchased the rights to RISC OS from RISCOS Ltd in 2013. If you are using RISC OS, or even thinking about RISC OS come and take a look. We have re-designed the site and included a FREE FTP area and a FREE bookshelf with all the RISC OS manuals. Many products are availble for instant download.

3QD Developments Ltd are undertaking the critical web and artwork design for the APDL project. The aim is to catalogue and preserve the work of the greatly missed David Holden who worked tirelessly for the benefit of RISC OS for over 25 years

RISCWorld magazine was published from 2001 to 2009. Now you can read every article from every single issue for FREE. Thats over 1100 articles relating to RISC OS just waiting to be read.

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